Wintersleep - Nothing Is Anything (Without You)
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You fuck all your love away
Remember, I would do anything
Nothing to think or to do or say
And I can’t read your mind without you, babe

Okami 🐾 The 12 Celestial Brush Gods

Otou-san, Okaa-san… Let’s get out of here, this place is dangerous!




can i please get a female villain who’s not supposed to be sexy




remember when i promised i would stop posting harlem shake videos?

that was before this changed my life


did you know that teachers are instructed to get in between two boys in an altercation and break their eye contact because boys will disengage once the immediate situation is interrupted but they’re instructed to like never ever get in between two girls in a fight because girls wont stop after they lose sight and will actively try to go through whatever’s in between them and teachers are supposed to wait for security to break the shit apart

teenage girls will fuck your shit up